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The REAL State of Us!! :) Welcomes You

Here's the Mission Ahead!

The Real State of Us :) 

    NEW!! See next paragraph!! Hi there!! We hope you are here because of the same reason we made the website!! We are now launching a brand new, awesome thing, especially, with you and your participation!! 

      "Fellowship Of Freedom" association thanks those who took part, whether as prayer warriors, or participation in our "Road event" in Western Colorado, 2022(which was approved by all relevant government) !

        YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN ORGANIZATION OF GROUP to become a VERY VITAL PART OF THIS!  Individuals, couples, and families are very welcome to join! 

      There will be several ways to participate in and support our "assembly of freedom" and we will give you an introduction right here! For We are involved with other associations and organizations, in Colorado, as well. Reach out  to the links below:




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The REAL State of Us!! :)

How do we go from here as the people of Faith, Hope and Love?

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