The REAL State of Us!! :) Welcomes You

Here's the Mission Ahead!

The Real State of Us :) 
This is a site, hosted also by River Song, a 501c3 organization out of Colorado, that wants to look at the reality that we are all facing as a nation, as groups, as families, and also as individuals! Interact with our blog sites, please be kind! Psalm 122 & 133. NOW, as we are in July of 2021, we are going to be working towards goals of getting the Words out to Americans FOR LIFE(L'Chaim! To Life!!) which we will do our best to update you about! Also, we are working on "straight" en-ing... some things out with others, concerning medias, concerning Truth about our Constitution, concerning also smaller and more in-depth things, such as the laws of states and the nation, that are truly coming into a "head"... As BELIEVERS of the Great Good News, the GOSPEL of the GREAT KINGDOM OF MESSIAH AND HIS BELOVED, WHICH IS EVERLASTING, we don't have to be shy about our BLESSED HOPE of THE SOON COMING AWESOME KING AND HIS MERCY, HIS KINGDOM SHALL NEVER END!! And meanwhile, we know and we are assured, that we must continue to press on, and to have HOPE!! BLESS YOU AND STAY TUNED!!

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The REAL State of Us!! :)

How do we go from here as the people of Faith, Hope and Love?


The Beauty of our Savior's Love

Unfading Glory Remains!!!

Do you Love our King who Lives Forever? Have you met our Beloved Savior and walked and talked and maybe fished along the shore with Him? He loves you and wants you to know Him!! Write or message us today!! Shalom!! or

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