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Where are we right now and where are we going?

Powerful thoughts and prayers of August 2020!

We the people of this nation have had a voice of some kind in the past. It has not always been easy, to say the least! We have had to seek getting our voices out there with not only much diligence, but also with endurance.. 

We had "founding fathers and mothers" in our nation that at one time in the past, were more often heard of. A few examples are: Abraham Lincoln, William Wilberforce, Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks. 

Only one crazy subject is the way we all came upon this fall, for example..I had a pretty crazy experience throughout my years at public school in the United States. At this point, and especially with all the circumstances of 2020, my views are even more of the conviction that we have to diligently and zealously make sure the young are getting the truth! Not the lies, not the junk, not the "evil mixed with good"... I wrote my first book that I published to Amazon Kindle with some of this analysis and pondering. Now I am seeking to "get back into all the writing" that needs to be done...

We don't need to be silent and masked. We need to stand up and speak, but especially we need to not be silent to Heaven! Join us as the "fall feasts" come up to sing, pray, move in the Holy Spirit's Grace and Water of LIFE!! Offer your songs and praise to the King! He is WORTHY OF IT ALL!!! Don't let the enemy steal your song!!

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